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Da'aro Youth Project is a community-led organization dedicated to supporting young refugees from the Horn of Africa. Our mission is to provide education and life skills training to help these youth overcome the challenges of displacement and build a brighter future. With your support, we can make a difference in the lives of these young people.

Da'aro Youth Project

Individuals, groups, or corporations can make a difference in the lives of young refugees by becoming donors. Your contribution will fund our programs and services, providing crucial support to these youth.

There are various ways to support Da'aro Youth Project. Whether you're interested in volunteering, organizing fundraisers, or raising awareness about our cause, your support is greatly appreciated.

At Da'aro Youth Project, we empower young refugees from the Horn of Africa through education and life skills training. We are committed to providing every young person with opportunities for a bright future.


At Daaro Youth, we offer two key activities for young individuals from the Horn of Africa. Our weekly youth club, known as Injera Club, is held in south London, providing a vibrant and inclusive space for young people to gather. Alongside the youth club, we extend casework support to those attending, offering guidance and assistance to address any challenges or seek advice. Additionally, we actively engage in campaigning and policy work to tackle the systemic barriers that unaccompanied young people encounter in the United Kingdom. Through our efforts, we aim to create a more inclusive and supportive environment for these individuals.

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Example A, ERITREA

Da'aro Youth Project gave me a sense of belonging and support when I needed it most.

Example B,  ETHIOPIA

Thanks to Da'aro, I found friends and mentors who helped me navigate life in a new country.

Example C, SUDAN

Da'aro's Injera Club provided a space where I could relax, have fun, and feel accepted.


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