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We were very sad to have to stop face-to-face activities in March in response to Covid-19. To ensure that we didn't abandon the young people we have been working with, we transitioned our youth work to deliveries of home-cooked food and emotional support via the phone. Now that the restrictions have been eased, we are resuming face-to-face activities. We will now be returning to our popular Injera Club – but during the Summer months we intend to hold the club in outdoor spaces and parks in the Streatham/Brixton area.

All of our usual attendees will receive text messages to let them know that we are starting back. If any newly arrived young people (and those who provide care and support to them) want to attend Injera Club then please get in touch. Our activities have been risk-assessed and we will be taking additional measures to ensure health and safety, in line with guidance provided by National Youth Agency. We ask that young people do not attend Injera Club if they are feeling unwell or displaying a cough.

We're really pleased to be returning to providing support to young people from the Horn of Africa. We know how difficult the Coronavirus lockdown has been: creating anxiety, fuelling social isolation and triggering mental health issues in some young people. We hope Injera Club can be a space of relaxation, fun and community once again. :)

Updated: May 5

The coronavirus pandemic is a worrying time for all of our communities. We think it is especially difficult for young refugees living in the UK without their families – social interaction with their peers has become much harder and the loneliness and isolation can add to existing stress and worry.

In light of the government rules, we have sadly had to close Injera Club during the lockdown. However, we want to continue to provide the same level of support that we did to young people – and to make sure they don't feel that they have been abandoned. During this lockdown period, to keep everyone safe and protected, we are doing the following:

1. Our volunteers are phoning each young person who attends Injera Club for a regular chat and catch up, to find out their news and what we can do to support them through this difficult time – whether that means listening to a worry or helping them to speak to their social workers about a problem or finding a second hand laptop to send to them so they can continue their english classes online.

2. We are starting occasional deliveries of home-cooked food to young people living alone without a foster family – what would Injera Club be without Injera!

3. We are working with other organisations to continue to make referrals where young people need extra support – whether it is a housing issue or an immigration issue, we can connect them with our partners who can help them navigate the challenge. We are also helping to put together resources to help young people understand the new police powers.

We're hopeful that we will be back to Injera Club sooner rather than later. If you'd like to support our work in the mean time, please consider a regular donation! Thank you

Hello! Selam! My name is Benny and I am Coordinator and Youth Work Lead for Da'aro Youth Project. This is our first blog post – we hope that in the months ahead we will update this a little more regularly with what is going on at Injera Club and our plans for the future. We have been back for three weeks now since Christmas and the number of young people is picking up once again. We are continuing to work with our partners at May Gardens Project to provide young people with opportunities to learn music production and DJ skills. We are thankful as ever for the support of the community – and our two hard-working volunteers Gnet and Nebiyat – in providing young people with a homely meal each week. Our future plans include organising our first group trip and holding our first AGM – more on that soon.


We are a community-led youth project supporting young asylum-seekers and refugees from the Horn of Africa.

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