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Returning to Injera Club

We were very sad to have to stop face-to-face activities in March in response to Covid-19. To ensure that we didn't abandon the young people we have been working with, we transitioned our youth work to deliveries of home-cooked food and emotional support via the phone. Now that the restrictions have been eased, we are resuming face-to-face activities. We will now be returning to our popular Injera Club – but during the Summer months we intend to hold the club in outdoor spaces and parks in the Streatham/Brixton area.

All of our usual attendees will receive text messages to let them know that we are starting back. If any newly arrived young people (and those who provide care and support to them) want to attend Injera Club then please get in touch. Our activities have been risk-assessed and we will be taking additional measures to ensure health and safety, in line with guidance provided by National Youth Agency. We ask that young people do not attend Injera Club if they are feeling unwell or displaying a cough.

We're really pleased to be returning to providing support to young people from the Horn of Africa. We know how difficult the Coronavirus lockdown has been: creating anxiety, fuelling social isolation and triggering mental health issues in some young people. We hope Injera Club can be a space of relaxation, fun and community once again. :)

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